Rolin Belt set 1430-1500 (Code: EBS-14)


Belt width 30-38 mm

Buckle size: 36 x 58 mm,

Ending size: 38 x 40 mm

The set is based on the portrait of Nicolas Rolin attributed to Roger Van der Weyden. It was probably painted in 1434. We tried to make it as close to the original. The buckle is made in the shape of a cittern. That was very popular in the 14-15th century.

Its perimeter is decorated with raw of oval dots. The strap end has the shape of a crescent with the raw of dots in the center. In the center, there is a ring/ It can be used for the chain. With the help of that chain, it is possible to fasten the belt. As we can see on the Portrait of Rolin. As we know Nicolas Rolin was chancellor of the Burgundy Dukes for forty years.

So such type of fastening of the belt could be very fashionable during the 15th century.

coating of metal:
Price: 20.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.055 Kg
Dennis, 25.01.2018
Beautiful set, but it has a downside: the eyelets for sewing the strap end to your belt, are too close to the edge of the belt. For me, this resulted in the leather breaking due to the 'pull' when wearing the belt. As the belt is velvet covered, it will be a nasty job to try to fix it... :(
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