Our Friends

Dmitriy & Anna

We are a re-enactors with rich experience. We take part in role-play games and historical festivals since 2005. Reconstruction is our passion.  

 Dmitriy act as fighter, actor, bughurt referee, medieval tailor and historical costumes competition judge. Many household items, costumes and weapons, inspired by Middle Ages style, he made with his own hands. 10 months he worked as a blacksmith in the forge of armors production.

Dmitriy sews historical tents since 2010, and along this time, he produced more than 35 pcs. First dozen of tents were made for friends and historical club members; thereby a sewing technique was perfected. 

Anna creates historical costumes and hand-woven belts. And also she works as copywriter. 

Koning is a brand of goods produced by Dmitriy.