Baden-Baden belt set 1340-1420 A.D. (Code: EBS-17)


Belt width 13-15 mm

Buckle size: 23 x 80 mm

Strap end size: 15 x 93 mm

As an essential part of dress during the fourteen century girdles were worn by both men and women, hiwever very few examples have suvived. Although on the present girdle it is not known to whom the initial ‘A’ refers, the heraldic lion appears to indivcate that the owner was of noble birth and this particulary fine and delicate example also suggests that the wearer was a lady. There is a theory that such kind of belt could be as a gift from the bridegroom to the bride. Thar is why we can suggest tha tletter 'A' could simbolyse 'AMOUR' (love on Latin)

The girdl was found comletes with a buckle, stap end 25 lions with raisen pawand 10 lions with raisen paw and 15 marching lion mounts  but you can complete you belt by any quantity of mounts.

Very delicate and fine work make this belt essential part of the costume of 14-15th century of citizen or nobel woman.

You can order this set with or without the enamel.

coating of metal:
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