Encolpion 11-13 century. Kievan Rus. (Code: PK-03)


Cross is a compilation of a few crosses of the same type, as all the parts are rarely finded together.

Suitable for 11-13 century costume, and can be worn on the 14th century.

 Source: V.V. Nechitailo "Directory of Christian art products breast period of Kievan Rus' 10 -first half of the 13th century." 63a, 65, a loop 7a. Zhytomyr and Khmelnytsky region. Ukraine. Also similar to the cross there, is in G.F. Korzukhina and A.A. Peskov work "Old Russian encolpion" pectoral cross reliquary 10-13 century from page 291.

The area of spreading - all the territory of Kievan Rus and Zalesie. Similar crosses were in Staraya Ryazan and Vladimir, Novgorod, Ladoga, etc ...

Size: 75*40 mm

Material: silver.

Weight: 30 g.

coating of metal:
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