Paternoster Pendant with the Virgin and Child (Code: Ebd-29)


Size: 70x45 mm
Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bronze casted, gold plated, enamel, oil painting, pearl.

Paternoster Pendant with the Virgin and Child (obverse) and the Meeting of Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate (reverse), ca. 1440-50, Burgundian or Flemish, Inscription: CONCEPTIO TUA DEI GENITRIX VIRGO GAUDIUM ANCIAVIT IN UNIVERSO MUNDO (Your [immaculate] Conception, Virgin Mother of God, has announced joy to the entire world0;[on enamel side]OGLORIOSA DOMIA EXCELSA SUPRA SIDERA QUI TE CREVIT PVIDE LACTASTI SACRO UBERE (O glorious lady, raised above the stars, caringly you suckled with your holy breast the one who created you)

coating of metal:
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