Knight girdle Rudolf von Sachsenhausen (Code: KG-03)


Length 105 cm
Width 45 mm
Source: tomb of  Rudolf von Sachsenhausen 1371,Frankfurt, Hesse, German

Belt: buckle + 22 mounts = 105 cm

This is the replica of the belt from the headstone of Sir Rudolf von Sachsenhausen, died on  1371. This belt is decorated by 22 square  plaques with floral pattern and four perforated triangles. Such pattern is rather ordinary for the German knight girdles and was quite popular during 14th - 1st half of 15th c. The masive buckle has the same patern as the plaques'.The buckle fastens the belt with the help of hook. The buckle and plaques are decorated by transporant enamel.

You can order your quantity of plaques.

 You can order extra additional removable piece with any number of mounts which fixes with a help of decorated pin. With the help of such additional elements your belt can be adjusted for the costume and armour size. 

You can choose colors of transparent enamel: blue, red, green, or any color of non-transarent enamel.

Plaque size 40x40 mm

Buckle size 70 x 70 mm


We can assemble girdle on the thick inside and thin outside lether or thick leather inside and velvet silk outside.

Quantity of additional plaques:
Hinge set:
coating of metal:
Leather base + Leather covering:
Leather base + Silk velvet covering:
Colour of enamel:
Price: 325.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 1300 Kg
Magdalena, 18.01.2019
Lovely belt, totally worth it! And great service too :)
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