Knight Belt "Orlamunde" 1300-1410 A.D. (Code: Orlamunde)


Belt width: 40 mm

Belt length: 130 cm

This knight belt was made by the the head stone of German knight Otton von Orlamunde (1340).

Such kind of knight girdles are spread over Europe from thirteen till the mid of fifteen centuries.

This type of belts are very comfortable for use with both and medieval clothes and armour because you can change size very easy. Just make the necessary quantity of holes.

The belt consist of a belt set EBS-13 and 16 mounts EM-40

You can order more quantity of mounts and to order longer leather strap

Quantity of additional plaques:
coating of metal:
Price: 130.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.53 Kg
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