Knight girdle Black Prince (Code: KG-02)


Length ap. 105 cm
Width 5 cm
Source: Tomb of Prince Edward died 1376, Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, UK

Belt: a buckle + 18 round plaques + 34 trefoil  = 105 cm

This belt is the replica of the belt from the headstone of Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales who lived at the end of 14th century and well know as the Black Prince. On the head stone of his tomb we can see good made bronze statue of Edward with the knight belt. This belt is decorated by 18 round plaques with the effigy of lion head surrounded by blue transparent enamel and by 34 trefoil-shaped mounts which are fixed one above other. In the center there is a massive buckle with the effigy of walking lion  and enameled background as a symbol of Plantaganet Kings. The buckle fix the belt on the hips. 

Round plaques size 45x45 mm

Trefoil mounts size 23x23 mm

Buckle size 70x70 mm

You can order extra additional removable piece with any number of mounts which fixes with a help of decorated pin. With the help of such additional elements your belt can be adjusted for the costume and armour size.

Quantity of additional plaques:
Hinge set:
coating of metal:
Leather base + Leather covering:
Leather base + Silk velvet covering:
Colour of enamel:
Price: 484.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 1.3 Kg
Vayacondios54, 16.10.2022
The paying process is the problem for me. I have purchased from a person in Ukraine and they use and accept PayPal. Why don't you? No comfortable with your pay options. PayPal quantees my transaction.
Daniela, 19.06.2019
I've ordered the belt some weeks ago, the blue one.
It is as the one in the pictures, and it is really beautiful, it's worth the price.
Magdalena, 18.01.2019
I love the plaques! They look amazing and are a great addition to a lady's surcote too.
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