Medieval Knight necklace of 15th-14th centuries with the heraldic pendant (Code: )


MEDIEVAL KNIGHT NECKLACE of 15th-14th centuries.

It has two types of shackles: rectangular with the Gothic patterns and in the shape of star with the heraldic pendant with the Southern Cross.

Size: rectangular shackle 30x40 mm, star-shaped shackle - 30x30 mm.

Length of the collar - 75 cm

Bronze casted, gold plated, in the central shackle - blue cabochon qwartz, blue and green enamel

Price: 190.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.47 Kg
Ian Knowles, 17.09.2019
I am interested in placing an order and was wondering if it may be possible to customise the heraldic pendant to represent the heraldry of Flanders (black rampant lion with red claws and tongue on a yellow background).
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