Collar of the Order of the Jar 1403-1516 (Code: KC-10)


Collar of the Order of the Jar 1403-1516

Width: 60 mm

The Order of the Jar was a chivalric or knight order founded by Ferdinand of Antequera (the King of Aragon since 1412) in 1403. Thus, according to legend, the Order of the Jar was one of the oldest military orders in Europe, having been founded in the Kingdom of Navarre in the 11th century.

The device of the order was a chain bearing a jar of lilies, symbolizing the purity of the Virgin and a griffin, which should probably be read as symbol of war against the infidel (Reconquista). Their explanation of the symbolism of the device is: "... to the honour and reverence of the Virgin St Mary, and in recognition of the pleasure which she received when the angel saluted her, I have taken as a device a collar of the Jar of the Salutation, from which collar descends a griffin suspended, in signification that even as the griffin is strong among all the animals, so all those of this Device must be strong and firm in the love of God and of the Virgin St Mary"

You can use this collar on reenectment events of 15-16th centuries or like a beautiful accessory for LARP or fantasy costumes.

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