Knight necklace 14th-15th century Gothic&Roses (Code: KC-04)


KNIGHT NECKLACE of 14th-15th centuries with Gothic and Rose shackles

Length 75 cm

Width : 30 mm
Material: bronze, glass cabochon

It has two types of shackles: rectangular with the Gothic patterns and in the shape of the rose.

Rectangular shackle  is common pattern of medieval design. It could be found among household things like door and chest plates and decoration of cathedrals and churches. Widespread opinion that roses are the sign only on English noblemen is wrong. We can see such symbol among coat-of-arms of many German, French, Italian, and Check knights.

Such necklace could be worn as a collar of noblemen or knight and as a guild accessory.

Size: rectangular shackle 30x40 mm, rose-shaped shackle - 30x30 mm.

Length of the collar - 75 cm

It is possible to choose red, green or blue glass cabochon

coating of metal:
Price: 105.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.28 Kg
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