Molten Chain 14th-17th century (Code: KC-03)


Molten Chain 14th-17th century

link size: 15x8 mm and 20x8 mm
pendant size 55x55 mm
casted gilded/silvered bronze

Such type of chain were rather popular as necklaces and as chains for women belts with pendant from Middle Ages till Renaissance and 17th century

We can offer two types of links

1. 15 x 8 mm

2. 20 x 8mm

The price for 10 cm.

Holding or silvering included

You can choose the length you need

Molten chain:
Molten chain:
coating of metal:
Price: 14.30 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.13 Kg
cate sullivan, 01.02.2022
I'm confused by the molton chain choice of 15+20 x 8mm, 20 x 8mm choices. And then in the second box (also molten chain) first choice "no" and then varying lengths. I m trying to order today with my button order as well. Thank you
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