Burgundian Knight Collar (Code: KC-01)


In the Middle Ages the peopleand especially noblealways strived to luxury. 
Knightly chain in he best way reflects this desire.

Beautiful, heavy, sumptuous!

You can order the shield pendant with your own  coat-of-arms. The price of creating of design is included

coating of metal:
Price: 175.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.32 Kg
Dennis, 25.01.2018
Fantastic collar chain to show how rich your historical characer is. For our group we ordered three of these, each with its own style of links. Gothic Cast even made a custom link, based on the heraldry of my family. It looks stunning!

I use this chain mainly for the 'helmenschau', so then it's around the neck of my grand bascinet helmet. To wear it around your neck and walk around with it all day, be sure to find a way to prevent it from constantly sliding to the front.
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