France medallion with lady, late 14th century (Code: Ebr-04)


Size: 40x40 mm
Replica of medieval brooch.

The original of this medallion is located in the center of medieval necklace, and exhibited in the Cleveland museum of art. We made this replica from brass, gold plated and decorated with enamel. 

Three variants of decoration is now available on stock:

photo 1 and 2 - Lady in white dress, and medallion around her is decorated with blue and red quartz;

photo 3 and 4 - white enamel on lady's figure, and 9 pearls on the brooch;

photo 5 - the lady's figure wearing green dress, and surrounded by pearls.

Original necklace with twelve medallions is shown on the 6 photo. It was made in France at late 14th century. According to some reports, it could be well known at the court of Philip the Brave and Margaret of the Flandrian.

Medieval medallion with lady would match historical costume of Burgundian noble. 

Replica of medieval brooch. Brass, gold plated, enamel, pearls, quartz.


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