Burgundy brooch with enamel (Code: Ebr-03)


Unique brooch with finely detailed filigree plated in gold. The centerpiece is red quartz cabochon, surrounded by six refined flowers. Two of them decorated with white enamel, and their hearts are made of red quartz, and another four have round pearls inside.

Design is copied from necklace exhibited in Cleveland museum of Arts (Burgundy duchy, France, late 14th century).   Originally these medallions was created for headdress decoration, and later they was gathered in the necklace. Beautiful work of medieval goldsmiths inspired us to create this replica. This Burgundy brooch will match both noble man and woman historical costume. 

Replica. France, late 14th century. 

Brass, gold plated, pearls, quartz.


Price: 50.00 EUR
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Weight: 0.012 Kg
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH