The Late Middle Ages female girdle (Code: EBS05)


We recommend this belt for female costume of the Late Middle Ages. Girdle will be good supplement to your medieval dress, cirtle or surkot. Design of the buckles is replica from Ulrih Rehnart book "Kleidung & Waffen der Spangotik, II 1370-1420".

Girdle made with natural leather and bronze cast.  The girdle on the photo is made with beige leather, and also another colors of leather available: brown, red and black. 

Chain is not included, but you can order needed length in 3 different weavings: 1 ring in 1, or 1 in 2, or 2 in 2 rings chain. 

Strap length 75 cm, and width 30 mm.

We offer for sale this historical medieval girdle, made in our workshop.

If you need another strap length, or add enamel, please write it in comments to order. We will be happy to make a belt that you enjoy!

coating of metal:
leather color:
Price: 38.00 EUR
plus shipping
Weight: 0.18 Kg
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH