Late Gothic woman girdle with Acorn pendant and mounts (Code: EBS06+EM03-5+EM05-4+EG)


Ancient Celts believed that acorn is a symbol of vital force and fertility. In medieval heraldic, acorn indicated its owner's independance. 

This leather girdle is assembled with 4 acorn mounts, 5 figurative mounts and medieval bronze buckles with chain 1-in-1 (50 cm long)but you can choose other type and length of the chain. At the end of the chain there is acorn pendant.  The length of a leather part is 75 cm, and it is 2,5 cm wide.

From visual and archaeological sources we know that such girdles was weared mostly by the ladies in the Late Gothic period of Middle Ages (1470-1580s).

Late Gothic woman girdle with Acorn pendant and mounts will add a fashionable medieval look to your costume.

Leather colors available: black, brown, beige and red. 

You also can order different chains with this girdle.

Custom orders are welcomed.

coating of metal:
leather color:
Price: 71.00 EUR
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Weight: 0.25 Kg
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