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Mini Fitting for Flamish belt, 1400-1500 A.D. (Code: EM-27)


 Bronze copy of medieval fitting for belt. We made this historical replica according to the archaeological findings from England, and also characters in Flamish paintings dressed in belts with very similar decorations.

This medieval belt mount looks like tiny flower with 6 petacles. We made it in our worshop and now offer for sale.

Size: 6 x 6 mm.

Dated: 14 and 15 centuries.

Region: Western Europe (Belgium, France, Netherlands, England)

Minimal quantity for one order - 10 pcs

In the absence of goods in stock you can order it and we will cast during 10-21 days


coating of metal:
Price: 1.50 EUR
Weight: 0.001 Kg
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH