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Lion shape mount 1340-1450 A.D. (Code: EM-44)


Lion with a raised paw mount 1340-1450 A.D.

Size: 15 x 25 mm

Source: archeaological finding, Baden-Baden museum 

The heraldic lion could be sign of nobility and bravery.

The mount of fourteen century was found with enamel that is why we've made photo as on the cource but you can order without unenameled.

The mountd was made by the girdle from Baden-Baden museum EBS-17

coating of metal:
20 pcs. - 29 pcs. 2.25 EUR / pcs.
30 pcs. - 49 pcs. 2.13 EUR / pcs.
50 pcs. - 100 pcs. 2.00 EUR / pcs.
Price: 2.50 EUR
Weight: 0.003 Kg
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