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Collar of Esses 1480-1530 (Code: KC-07)


Collar of Esses 1480-1530

Width 30 mm
Length 75 cm

Material: bronze

Collar of Esses one of the oldest and and most wellknown livery or knight collars. Livery collars was used to worn in Middle ages as insignia of a guild or a symbol of fealty of noble house. Esses collar took differen forms during years from the date of its foundation in the mid of fourteen century. The early example were looked like ornamental 'S' leters of a garter strap collar. We made a later example of this collar with Beaufot's portcullises which were added to the collar probably by King Henry VII used in Renaissanse period

Collar of Esse completed with 24 linked togather cainwise with two portcullises and stilizated trefoil.

coating of metal:
Price: 105.00 EUR
Weight: 180 Kg
Company MAXXmarketing GmbH